Resources & Partners


We collaborated with the agencies and people listed below. They were essential contributors to the toolkit effort. Some are national and others are local to Jackson and Baltimore where we started this project. We are also listing here some resources that we have identified that you may wish to share with your participants. They may also be helpful to facilitators and agencies using the toolkit.

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National Minority AIDS Council

The American Foundation for AIDS Research

Center for Disease Control

AIDS United

APLA Health

Baltimore, MD

Community Education Group 

African Ensemble Theater 

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Gay Men’s Health Collaborative 

Total Health Care

JOY Baltimore

Black Men’s Xchange

John Hopkins University AIDS Education & Training Center

The REACH Initiative of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing




Meet for a Cause

Greater Baltimore HIV Health Services Planning Council

Maryland Department of Health

Sisters Together and Reaching

Chase Brexton Health Care

The Health Education Network 

Breaking Bread 

AIDS Action Baltimore

Community Cares Project

JACQUES Initiative

Jackson, MS

Jackson State University

MS in Action

Mississippi Center for Justice

My Brother’s Keeper

Jackson Medical Mall Foundation

Southern Echo

Bridge-Port Services Group

Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services

Brotherhood Inc.

Mississippi Health Alliance


Interdisciplinary Sexuality Research Collaborative at Widener (ISRC)

At the Interdisciplinary Sexuality Research Collaborative (ISRC) at Widener University, we are devoted to supporting, enabling, and producing a rich and comprehensive body of scientific research in human sexuality at the intersection of varied theoretical approaches. Our focus is on the application of research to shape innovation in sexuality education and sex therapy, with an eye on the effectiveness of cutting-edge approaches and their cultural-responsiveness.

ISRC’s unique interdisciplinary approach to investigation looks to Dennis Dailey’s (1981) Circles of Sexuality Model as its source of inspiration and the conceptual framework to guide our inquiry. The five areas of focus are: Sensuality, Intimacy, Sexual Health and Reproduction, Gender Identity, and Sexual Agency, with Culture and Spirituality incorporated across all of the five areas.

Learn more about the ISRC at

ViiV ACCELERATE! Initiative

Launched on National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) in 2015, ACCELERATE! is ViiV Healthcare’s four-year, $10M commitment to fund innovative and promising projects that support the health and wellbeing of Black gay and bisexual men in two cities hardest hit by HIV – Baltimore, Maryland, and Jackson, Mississippi.

Learn more about ViiV Healthcare and ACCELERATE! at


JRNI Coaching, founded by Noelle Cordeaux and John Kim, provides evidence-based coach training, vibrant community, and lifetime support towards becoming a coach. The SWAG Toolkit team partnered with the JRNI app to adapt and develop it for use as an online venue to run the interactive and supportive programming that is in the toolkit. There is now a SWAG Toolkit-specific version of the app designed for Black gay and bisexual men that was developed with community and CEC feedback. It can be used to host virtual support groups, provide wellness content, and allow a safe, private space where people can share their stories and connect with one another around a topic or shared experience. If you are interested in using JRNI as part of the SWAG Toolkit resources, please get in touch with the toolkit team at

Lesson Authors

Ahyana King
Alecia Reed-Owens
Alexander T. Blue Jr.
Andrew B. Spiers
Brent Satterly
Brooke Wells
Darnell Motley
Erica L. Smith
Erika Evans
Hope Springs
John Taylor Thomas
Kimberly Huggins
Kurt Ragin Jr.
Linda Dixon-Rigsby
Sabitha Pillai-Friedman
Sean Smith
Tracie Gilbert
Wesley K. Thomas
Yolo Akili Robinson

Community Collaborators

Linda Stringfellow, MS
Executive Director, F.A.B.R.I.C. Inc.

Cedric L. Sturdevant

Lonnie Bishop
Peer Health Navigator Coordinator

Jessica Obanyan
STAR TRACK Adolescent Health Program

Sam McClure, Director
JACQUES Initiative

The LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase
Brexton Health Care

Curriculum and Website Design

Andee Mazzocco and Steven Mangione, SAYGRID