Theme: Family & Relationships

“That’s What I Like”: Identifying Relationship Dynamics

by Wesley K. Thomas

This lesson introduces participants to a discussion of relationship styles, dynamics, and values. Some of these relationship dynamics may be unfamiliar to participants, while others may be already engaged in them without being aware. Using both individual and large group activities, this lesson helps participants consider the  wide range of relationship styles and standards available to them.


By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss at least two ways that personal identity interacts with one’s romantic and/or sexual relationship choices.
  • Discuss and assess one romantic or sexual relationship style.
  • Establish and discuss one strategy to use in negotiating ideal romantic/sexual relationships.

Included in this Lesson

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Group Size

This lesson is written for 10–15 participants  and one facilitator. It should not be used for groups larger than 16. Groups of less than 10 participants can be completed with a single facilitator.


75 minutes


Writing utensils
Small notepads
Printer paper
Internet access (optional)
Printed handouts