Theme: Family & Relationships

How Will I Know? Interpersonal Disclosures

by Wesley K. Thomas

This lesson covers the challenges, opportunities, and concerns involved in coming out or disclosing a hidden identity (e.g. Orientation, HIV Status, Level of Ability, etc.). The activities in this lesson will allow participants to think critically about how to establish networks and resources that can be used to assist in their coming out process.


By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Name three social, emotional, and/or psychological impacts of living with a hidden aspect of identity.
  • Describe three ways that self-disclosure or the lack thereof can affect Black gay men.
  • Develop and practice at least one method of personal disclosure.

Included in this Lesson

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Group Size

1215 participants
1 facilitator



70 minutes


Flip chart paper or dry erase board
Easel stand (optional)
Tape (optional)
Writing utensils
Ruled paper
Sticky notes or index cards
Printed handouts