Theme: Society & Culture

Black, Gay, Church, and My Mental Health

by John G. Taylor

This lesson provides psycho-emotional coping strategies for Black gay men who have experienced discrimination, violence, and internalized homophobia through their experiences with the Black church. This lesson utilizes interactive activities to help participants understand the skills that are available to them during periods of depression and/or anxiety.


By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the two primary categories of mental health disorders that impact Black gay men.
  • List at least three issues experienced by Black gay men that attend Black churches.
  • Name and describe at least four coping strategies for dealing with anxiety and depression.

Included in this Lesson

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Group Size

This lesson is written for 1215 participants.


80 minutes


Flip chart paper
Lined paper and pencils
Computer and projector
Printed handouts